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Client: Cucini Kitchen Design Inc.

Role: Branding Mentor, UI/UX Designer

Team: 1 Designer / 1 PM / 1 Dev

Responsibilities: Marketing Research, branding design, Responsive Web Design

Cucini branding 

Cucini brings over 10 years of experience in kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturing and design to their customers. They strive to providing high-quality custom made products and supporting across design and production. 

In order to arise their brand awareness, I was hired to be their branding mentor to provide corporate branding and web design solutions.    


    logo / brochure / website

    Great branding system plays a critical role in raising company's public awareness, acquiring more customers, and increasing sales. 

    Some principles I put into consideration while working on ideas:

    • To understand Cucini's value, history, products and people
    • Integrating branding and design
    • Ask questions before putting them down based on assumptions. 
    • Do not overdesign 



    business card




    Kitchen Cabinet Solution 

    Design Alts

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    website design


    Design Alts


    OTHER Projects