Client: SK IE

Role: UX Consult

Team: 2 UX, 1 UI, 2 game artists, 3 engineers and 1 PM

Responsibilities: User Research, UX strategies, User flows, Usability testing.


FSU is a fun and easy to pick up but deep mobile gaming experience for casual to core users with fully integrated the two most common smartphone activities - chatting and games. 

Research shows:

  • 98% of users text message regularly
  • 79% of users use some sort of social network
  • 76% of users play games regularly

Target demographic:  Female: 18-35 years old

  • More female smartphone owners in 2013
  • More female in 3 top activities than male
  • More than 6 out of 10, or 63%, of female mobile gamers play social multiplayer games
  • Contagious - women are twice as likely to check text on the smartphone if someone else has just done the same.  

Pain point

  • Either quickly disposable casual games or overly complicated hard core games have saturated the market.
  • Casual games = greater mass market but low retention and LTV.
  • Very little in-between but the few that are actually good take over the space for a long stretch at a time. 

UX Design Philosophy

    FSU_friend list.png
    • Evolution of traditional friend list . by leveraging 3D characters and environments
    • Create the sense of delight and fun for the user on otherwise mundane screens. 
    •  Integrate gameplay elements into a widely accepted MiM UX to create a more engaging experience. 
    • Smooth flows between different functionalities such games and chat. 

    •  Games and Chatting are built to complement and enhance each other. Game First but not “Chat Optional”. 

    User Flow


    Key features

    • Fun and playful representation of the users with customized avatars
    • Cute and unique collectibles as rewards from interactions with friends.
    • Easy communication through text message and rich media. 
    • Asynchronous multiplayer cooperative gameplay. 
    • Underlying social-game platform with real value to casual gamers. 
    • Built from the ground up to be completely cross platform for . both iOS and Android. 

    USER Testing 

    I conducted 5 rounds of prototype user testings in our San Francisco office. 

    • Users: 25 (85% female, 15% male)
    • Session duration: 20 - 30 minutes

    Research Sample Report

    Users' Pain Points while using the App

    • Poor navigation: hard to figure out how to change avatar's hair colors, how to get more outfits, etc?
    • Buttons are too small
    • Friends' name disappear too quick  
    • Some icons are confusing, not sure that it means.


    • Redesign avatar creation navigation (add instructions when first time user load the page)
    • Use pagination dots on outfit section to keep it consistent as the collection page.
    • Keep the friend's name showed all the time (huddled + dismissed).
    • Add search on "Friend list" section, only show when friends get dismissed.
    • Big buttons: Min. 44x44 pt
    • Add labels to icons to prevent future confusion. 


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