Company: Salesforce / Teacher Guild (IDEO) / Reach Higher 

Role: Mentor, Lead UX/UI Designer

Team: 1 Designer, 1 PM

Responsibilities: Design strategies, Sketches, User flows, Wireframe, Design Mocks, Prototyping.

iMentor: Adviser Mobile App

iMentor was a pro bono project that focused on building and maintaining mentorship. I worked with Andre Douglas, eAdviser from Franklin and Marshall College to bring his idea to life with my design skillsets. It was part of First Lady's Reach Higher initiative, and later factored into an ever-growing product roadmap of Student Success Cloud at because of its success. 

I kicked off the project with a lot of questions:

  • What is the problem?
  • What is project goal?
  • Who are your audiences?
  • What is the timeline? 

I followed with some user research with local students, asking what their expectations and ultimate goals of using a mentorship program and/or mobile application. I also did competitive analysis by looking up online for some similar mentorship products, what they have, what they are missing, how their users think about the products, etc. Research showed that most of the products were unable to maintain the relationship well between mentors and mentees, someone said that the interface was not attractive to use, or it was not mobile friendly. Keeping all these fundamental problems in mind, I went ahead to initiate meetings with the team to nail down our product strategies in terms of what we are trying to achieve in this product, which key features we should include in for the prototype and how the design language would be. Then I put together a user flow for both mentee and mentor to reflect how two parties interact. Visual designs were added on after I got some feedback from students playing around my wireframe prototype. We did another round of testing for visual later and the feedback was great.  

As a result, students from Franklin and Marshall College complimented this product as one of the most functional and beautiful app they have ever used. 

The outcome was great!

Because of the functioning features and user-centered design, the prototype was voted as top 5 out of the 10 final ideas, and was viewed by First Lady. I was honored to be invited to attend the College Signing Day in New York City where the First Lady announced our build-out of iMentor mobile app.






    • 80% of students graduate from high school
    • 65.9% of high school graduates enroll in college immediately after high school
    • 56% of college students graduate within 6 years of entering school

    Top reasons of college dropouts:

    • Lack of academic preparedness
    • Lack of resources
    • Lack of guidance


    iMentor is a platform that helps create and maintain relationships between mentors and their students where students can get resources anytime anywhere. The "Check-in" feature engages students to keep their status up to date. They can also use the news feed wall to check other students' status and activities. In addition to the social features, "Grades" section on the other hand helps mentors to track student's academic performance, and follow up with a meeting with the student or send out a note with any advice when necessary by  using "Tasks &  Meetings". This feature empowers mentors and professors to gain insights and offer immediate help to the students.

    Key Features:

    • Location tracking to enable more personalized support from eAdvisors across the country.
    • Students “check-in” to classes, receive badges, and get social validation similar to fitness apps.
    • eAdvisors would get alerts when a student hasn’t checked in for awhile or when they haven’t submitted updated grade information.
    • When a student’s grade drops below a C, the eAdvisor knows to provide more high-touch support.
    • The app enables students to connect socially and find a supportive peer group during the first semester of college.

    This app creates another layer of accountability for students while also connecting them to resources. 

    User Flow






    Main Functions


    • The main staple of the program. Notifications are sent to mentors whenever criteria aren't met. 
      • Missing multiple classes
      • Getting a D in a  class
    • Automatically generated and sent to mentors
    • Adjustable


    • Student "check in" on their phone when they are in certain locations
    • If students miss multiple check-ins, then their mentors are notified
    • Check-ins can be used for multiple areas such as classes and fitness


    • Students will be able to connect to other students attending the same institution as well as find mentors
    • Messaging system can be prompted by notifications
    • Students can interact with each other through multiple methods 



    Meet with the advisor

    With Andre Douglas at College Signing Day at Harlem Armory on April 26, 2016, NYC (This picture was taken while our First Lady was giving a speech in the back)

    With Andre Douglas at College Signing Day at Harlem Armory on April 26, 2016, NYC (This picture was taken while our First Lady was giving a speech in the back)

    Jade, this is beyond amazing!
    Thank you so much I’m at such a loss for words for how excited I am and how great this is!
    Congrats on our achievement! It is all thanks to you for allowing my ideas to materialize!
    — Andre Douglas
    Andre Douglas is with First Lady of Teacher Guild. 

    Andre Douglas is with First Lady of Teacher Guild. 


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