Client: Salesforce.org

Role: Lead Product Designer

Team: 2 Designers / 1 PM

Responsibilities: User research, Design strategies, Sketches, User flows, Early Conceptual Mock Ups, Prototyping.

Volunteerforce UX discovery

As the first hired UX designer at Salesforce.org, my first big project was redesigning Volunteerforce - an employee engagement application that helps Salesforce employees participant in volunteer activities and change the world.

At Salesforce, volunteering is highly encouraged. The goal of Volunteerforce is to deliver an easier and delightful volunteer experience to Salesforce employees, and eventually to other companies. 

The old Volunteerforce had many usability problems due to its poor designed and confusing user architecture. Employees brought complaints all the time to program managers and looked for a change. It was urgent to come up with some solutions to optimize user experience. I started off the project with getting myself more exposure to the existing product so I could understand better about the pains as a user, problems of the product, and hopefully come along with some potential solutions. In order to achieve the goals, I audited the existing website and laid out information architecture including page names, categories, and web contents.

Next step was to know our users and their needs. I worked hand in hand with PM to conduct a user research to collect users' feedback in order to understand their pain points, their needs and expectations. Some sample questions are:  

  • What do you like most about the current experience with Volunteerforce?
  • What challenges or frustrations do you have with Volunteerforce? What could we do to address these challenges?
  • Are there other features we could add that would enhance your Volunterforce experience? Please describe briefly.

 After collecting all the valuable data, we were able to nail down the product requirement documents to get the design part started. I re-organized and structured the existing components, contents and incorporated feedback into creating a new user flow and wireframe based on our use cases in order to optimize user experience and meet business goals. 


This is amazing stuff. Seriously. I can’t believe you pulled off so much in such a short time. I expected to have something a lot less rich in this timeframe but these prototypes look ready for primetime! This is a big moment for us as a team and an organization, Nick has painted a big vision, and I know that we wouldn’t be able to get people on board without something visual and visceral for them to respond to. Your work is making that possible!
So thank you. I will take a deeper look and see if I could even remotely improve on what looks amazing already.
— Cheryl Porror - SVP Technology & Product Salesforce.org

user research

User Group

I posted the survey link on Salesforce Chatter Group, within a few days, 50 Salesforce employees with different job titles/roles participated and sent their valuable feedback via Getfeedback.com.  


Pain Points

  • "Classic view has more information than Lightning, I always go back to the Classic to check Pro Bono activities."
  • "It is not easy to find upcoming volunteering activities in my area."
  • "Looking for an easier way to create a private opportunity for my own group."
  • "It can very difficult to sign up for volunteer hours."
  • "Signing up for shifts and activities are cumbersome." 
  • "The matching process is a nightmare." 
  • "The search tools are lousy and cannot find anything by date occurring."


    Design Goals

    • Engage employees more deeply in giving back
      • Easy to find opportunities and causes
      • Delightful user experience to encourage frequent visits
      • Encourages social interaction around causes
    • Bring more resources to causes

    • Showcase impact of employee and company philanthropy


    In addition to the current features:

    • Location and skills based matching, recommendations based on previous actions
    • Volunteering and fundraising "initiatives" organized by admins or employees
    • Fully customizable reward programs and employee communications
    • Employee stories that highlight engagement heroes  
    • Link to content from external sources (organizations, opportunities, initiatives, etc.
    • Fundraising campaigns


    User Flow

    Pro Bono was the biggest challenge that received the most negative feedback among all other features since the old Volunteerforce1 Beta did not have a direct way to view current Pro Bono opportunities or anything about Pro Bono. Instead, users had to click the text link that takes them to Salesforce Classic for all the current and past Pro Bono, which was very inconvenient and time consuming.

    We decided to work with Pro Bono Program Manager and product manager at Salesforce.org on redesigning the entire Pro Bono user flow in order to deliver the best experience to non-profit organizations, Pro Bono Program Mangers, Initial Consultants, and all volunteers. Below is the new user flow I created to achieve the design goals (click to view the larger version).  







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